DeLand wings artist Erica Kiel wanted to take her custom, hand drawn artwork to an even wider audience, here's how we helped.


5 weeks

Total Duration


Unique Visitors on Launch Day

#1 Ranking

For search phrases on Google
(ie. Custom Artwork DeLand)

Web design

Erica is a very talented artist, and we needed to create a website that lived up to her design expectations. EGD needed a clean, user friendly site to display her latest work and sell product.

Tailored Seo Keywords

Tailoring all EGDs content toward certain keywords and phrases to do with artwork, chalk drawings and custom stationery.

Blogging & Content Consulting

By working with Erica to help write more blog posts about her events, projects and artwork, we are ensuring the long term success of her store and brand.

Buy Something Unique..

Some say the card is more important than the gift. We say you should buy both at EGD… Take a look and shop for bespoke hand drawn stationery and artwork on Erica Group Designs!

- Project Complete 7th June 2017 -