Central Florida is home to the worlds biggest Fern industry. Here's how we worked on a website that helped connect members of a farming cooperative.


2.5 Months

Total Duration


Co-op members with access
to secure classifieds and news

1.5 Hours

Drone Video Shot

Web design

The Floral Greens Farmers of Florida Co-op needed a website that enabled their members to interact with eachother in a secure section that they are only able to access.

Secure Classifieds

A section for their members to post excess stock for sale amongst eachother and request stock from other members when they need to fill an order.

Unveiling Presentation

On completion of the project we presented the new website to all 26 members and walked through the site and how to use the various member facilities.

Secure News

Each week the co-op releases a newsletter with sensitive information. These newsletters are kept secure and members can access them on the websites members only section.

Find a Fernery Near You..

The Floral Greens Farmers of Florida Co-Op continues to grow from strength to strength. Browse their new site and find out more about this huge industry.

- Project Complete 7th December 2017 -